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Diversity Statement

PPHC embraces a community enriched and enhanced by diverse dimensions, including race, ethnicity and national origins, disability status, gender and gender identity, sexuality, class and religion. We are committed to attracting, recruiting and retaining a diverse team. We especially encourage persons with historically marginalized identities and those with lived experience (broadly defined) to join our community.

Student Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the People, Place & Health Collective (PPHC) at Brown University! We are always interested in taking on new students as our projects and capacity allows. What follows below is a list of opportunities for the 2023-2024 academic year.

We offer three types of undergraduate and graduate student opportunities. Please note that we typically are not able to offer opportunities to undergraduates in their first year. 

Paid Research Assistantships (RAs). These are 10- or 20-hour per week paid opportunities to work on a project within our research program. The specific tasks vary, but in all cases students will be tasked to work collaboratively with project staff, faculty, and other students to achieve a scope of work. The amount we are able to compensate depends on whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.

For MPH students, an Applied Practice Experience (APE, formerly an APHE). This is a 145-hour internship that is a requirement of the school’s MPH program. Specific activities vary but they must involve ‘real-world’ public health experience and culminate in two final products. For more information on the APE, please visit this page.

Independent study or thesis work. This is academic work that is done for credit (i.e., unpaid). We serve as thesis advisors and readers for graduate students and a small number of undergraduate honors students and fifth year AB/MPH students.

Our offices are located at 66 Pavilion Ave. in Providence. Some opportunities may require you to attend meetings and/or work at this space, while others are remote or hybrid. You may also be able to work in our cubicle space across from room 208 at 121 South Main.

To inquire about these opportunities and for more information please e-mail