Panels & Discussions

Harm reduction, overdose prevention, and the future of treating America’s overdose epidemic

Presented by the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University.

On this episode, Dan Richards talks with two public health leaders in Rhode Island about this new overdose prevention center — how it will work, why it matters, and what it says about the future of addressing America’s drug overdose crisis.

Guests on this episode:

Colleen Daley Ndoye, executive director of Project Weber/RENEW, the organization that will be overseeing Rhode Island’s overdose prevention center
Brandon Marshall, chair of epidemiology at Brown University.

Counting the Cost: Scenario-Based Health impact Projections

Counting the Cost: Scenario-Based Health impact Projections
A conversation with Zeina Jamaluddine, lead author of the Gaza Projections report.
Moderated by Professor Brandon Marshall
April 17th 2024

Overdose prevention: New strategies for harm reduction

Presented by The Studio at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Drug overdose deaths continue to climb in the U.S., taking more than 100,000 lives a year. In response, public health leaders are exploring harm reduction policies. Our panel of experts will explore drug policy reform proposals and discuss the emerging evidence for strategies such as safe consumption sites, improved access to medications for opioid use disorder, and opportunities to destigmatize drug use.

Brandon Marshall
Professor of Epidemiology, Brown University School of Public Health; Founding Director, People, Place & Health Collective at Brown University

Conducting and Communicating Research on Overdose Prevention Centers in the US

Presented by Drug Policy Alliance.

In July of 2021, Governor Dan McKee signed a bill into law to allow Overdose Prevention Centers to open in Rhode Island. In this Drug Researchers’ Roundtable, we hear from the Brown University researchers who will conduct the OPC evaluation for the Rhode Island site in 2025 & more about the project they plan to launch next year.


Dr. Alexandra Collins, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Dr. Alexandria Macmadu, Brown University Presidential Postdoctoral Scholar
Abdullah Shihipar, Research Associate – Narrative Projects & Policy Impact Lead People, Place & Health Collective Brown University School of Public Health